Reflexology for Fertility

Treatment 60 minutes £45.00

Are you having problems trying to have a baby?

You are certainly not alone, some of the main problems may include the following:

Poly-Cystic Ovaries, 
Irregular Periods, 
Cervical problems, 
Adhesion’s (more commonly known as scar tissue), 
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, 
Premenstrual Syndrome, 
Hormonal Imbalances, 
Blocked or damaged Fallopian Tubes, 
Endometriosis and Menstrual problems 
have all shown improvement from reflexology.

I have been very privileged to help, with my unique reflexology treatments, many couples have the family of their dreams.

Did you know that Reflexology has been used for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood for as long as humans have understood the therapeutic benefit of loving touch.  

Trying to conceive can be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. Having fertility reflexology at this time is, in my humble opinion, essential as it allows the body to balance and become the best it can be to achieve that longed-for baby. Eeach treatment is specifically designed to address the specific problems and issues that you are facing.

After a session of Reflexology, you will feel relaxed you will feel like you are walking in the air. There is a lightness in mind and body!