What is a Chakra?

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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel; the chakras are energy vortices that run along the body and allow energy to pass freely through the subtle bodies.  These chakras allow the physical body to use subtle energy to balance and heal the body.  The chakra energy extends out about 3” from the body.  The energy will turn in a clockwise direction with lots of energy if all is well.  Generally, it is thought that looking at a chakra is looking at a very deep level of that person.  Chakra’s are related to the physiological and endocrine system and therefore link with the body’s hormones. 

There are generally seven Chakras all of which are associated with different regions of the body and therefore are also reflected within Reflexology, colours are also linked to each of the chakras, along with essential elements that help us to govern our lives, loves and learning and of course our spiritual awakening. 

Chakras can become out of balance for a multitude of reasons for example when there is an emotion that has not been dealt with, the emotion can be anything from fear, anger or guilt or when the nurturing, love and encouragement during life has been lacking.  Any of these areas may hinder the energy flow freely to and from the chakras.  Sometimes the flow of energy is deliberately blocked, and then subsequently the energies become blocked, clogged and tend to spin irregularly or even backwards.

If any of the Chakras are found to be out of balance either voluntarily or involuntarily a variety of measures may be taken to ensure that they can be brought back into balance. 

What is Visualisation and how does it affect the Chakras and the body

Visualisations are listed as guided, creative, and healing but generally, all have the same structure.  Visualization is a simple, deeply relaxing and pleasurable technique used to create or re-programme habits of the body. Visualization is a normal and natural process that everyone uses every day without even realising it. It is simply a matter of using positive thoughts and images to access the sub-conscious or the super-conscious aspect of the mind and being in a relaxed state allows you direct access to your subconscious mind.

Visualisations are carried out by being controlled, directed, and purposeful they work on the subconscious mind thereby influencing the conscious mind.  Thoughts and images lead to neurological patterns, which in turn, lead to muscular responses.  The body is unable to distinguish between an experience or an event that is vividly imagined.

For a specific purpose visualisations generally take place when the body is in a relaxed state the practitioner will give gentle suggestions of what images to visualise in a guided visualisation.  I like to use a visualisation that takes the client to a nice area through forests to beaches perhaps whilst using the colours of the rainbow which are also the colours that are related to the chakras.  When visualisations take place using the colours the mind will actually sometimes make the colours more vivid and intense. 

Visualizations allow the mind to picture scenes of a positive nature; we all know how positive thinking can be addictive and how it can be catching and radiates to those around us.  This positive effect will very much affect our own auroras, the energy field around us.  These energy fields are linked and affected too by our chakras.

If we use any positive thought it will bring about a positive effect on the body, we can actually test this using Kinesiology, a muscle test is carried out using a strong indicator muscle this is saying that the body is happy but when the person being tested thinks of something negative that will affect the state of the body, the muscle is tested again and it becomes weak, just from the negative thought.  Alternatively thinking positive will always have a positive effect on the body.

Once a chakra has been identified as being out of balance whether it is out of balance due to voluntary or involuntary action a visualisation may be designed to allow the client to think about the chakra(s) affected using the organs that it relates to, the colours related to it or making positive thoughts about a problematic situation, also to see the energy and colours associated with it being strong and vivid. 

Visualization, therefore, puts the intention of what and where you want to work on the body. The more specific the intention, the more specific the results can be. Remember whatever you believe, is what your body will do. So when you are thinking of your intention you really need to make sure that it is:

  • Clear
  • Specific
  • Achievable
  • You feel, know and trust it is being accomplished

With any visualisation, the effects may be immediate but to be really effective, visualization may take up to 6 weeks to work efficiently and to hold within the body.

The chakras are generally very efficient at being in balance most of the time it is only when perhaps our negative thoughts take over or when illness is present that they may become affected.  The role then of visualisation is to de-fragment the thoughts and to heal the body through positive thought. 

Our minds are clever things but when we try and do too much or using the analogy of the computer, run too many things at once that may conflict we are stressing ourselves not only on our internal body, exhausting our adrenals but also allowing the different thoughts to almost sabotage each other in our mind too.

By using visualisation we can deal with or delete the unwanted, excess thoughts that may be creating our stress and taking up space preventing the important things in our life to work more efficiently. 

Whilst doing reflexology the treatment will certainly have an effect of rebalancing the mind, body and spirit but if carried out in conjunction with a visualisation it will have an even more profound effect on the body. 

Visualisations help the body in different ways for example if you were to have thoughts of love and faith your body’s energy would flow smoothly between and around the Chakras.  You will be happy and healthy.  So if you have fearful thoughts this would negatively affect your chakras’ visualisation will help to re-programme the mind to change the way it thinks.  So where we are today is the direct result of all the thoughts, emotions and actions of our past.

I have had a client in the past that on checking the chakra’s the heart chakra was closed off, it presented on the right foot indicating to me a past issue.  In talking to the client it appears that she lost her brother in a very tragic way and she had not dealt with the circumstances of his death and her grief.  The visualisation for this particular week was dealing with the colours of all the chakras and on reaching the green area relating to the heart she began to cry. The following week the charka showed strong positive energy, it seems that she needed to open up to the issue and once she became aware that she had not dealt with it, talking to her family has really helped too. 

So the visualisations are a very important part of our lives and the more we understand the process of the mind and its connection to our chakras our health will benefit for the greatest good.

Booking a reflexology session will allow you to potentially find out what Chakra needs your attention.

“The chakras are very intelligent – they are like the software of the whole computer body.”

Dharma Mittra