April 2021

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Sleep How Important is it?

What are the benefits of sleep! We are all told that we need to get a good night’s sleep of about 7 to 8 hours every night.   Why is this do you actually know. Firstly, sleep is our body’s way of regeneration and stress relief and young children and adults alike during the sleeping hours […]

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As I start writing this I thought ‘this is going to be an easy task’ but as I start really thinking about the subject of affirmations, it is so mind-boggling that it is almost impossible to convey everything about why using affirmations can be of benefit to us. Affirmations have been used for many many


What is Reflexology?

Have you heard of this ancient therapy before, have you even tried it? Reflexology is a treatment that works on and through the feet and is now becoming more recognised by medical professionals as a way of helping the body re-balance itself.  Reflexology uses the principle that different areas of the feet relate to different

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Have you tried Reflexology?

As a Reflexology of 25 years, I am still seeing clients that have never had Reflexology before, and I was wondering why? Is it because they: don’t know about the treatment and its benefits – See below for further information on this; are scared – please feel free to discuss this with your Reflexologist to

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My Journey Part 3

Fertility 101 The Fertility Cycle After learning so much about my body and how it works through my reflexology training and my nutrition training I was well on my way, as I thought, to getting the family I was now longing for. How little did I know!! Of course like all of us I had

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The Millienium

New house and new career The year did not start off particularly well as my step father passed away on my Birthday as I was on my way to the final weekend of my MLD course. Anyway life carried on and I did get a few clients and muddled through. I started working as a

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