My Journey

Is IVF for everyone?

Is IVF for everyone? If you have been trying for a baby for some time it may be that you have also considered other options. This is what happened to me. At the age of 32 I was diagnosed with PCOS and the consultant basically told me to have my babies soon, as it would […]

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My story is key in point why because I developed PCOS and I can tell you the exact month that it happened.  It was September 1995 when I was told at work that I was being made redundant.  From that month onwards my period remained normal but my face decided to erupt in the most

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New Start new routine!

September is for some the start of a new year (sort of).  The kids going back to school, you see them all on social media with the obligatory photo for the first day standing in front of the front door.  Did you do that as a child?  I certainly didn’t it was not a thing

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The Wait

This waiting time was interesting.  I was invited to a local Coffee Morning; this was an event where social workers presented what they called hard-to-place children that were still looking for forever homes!  This was for me a weird day, being told about these children and who they were looking for as parents for them. 

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Fertility & Me!

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX BABY!  Do I have your attention great, of course, you now have the tune of the song by Salt & Pepper (showing my age now) in your head and you are singing that song in your head too!  So, what does that have to do with Health?  As a Fertility Reflexologist

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My Journey Part 3

Fertility 101 The Fertility Cycle After learning so much about my body and how it works through my reflexology training and my nutrition training I was well on my way, as I thought, to getting the family I was now longing for. How little did I know!! Of course like all of us I had

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The Millienium

New house and new career The year did not start off particularly well as my step father passed away on my Birthday as I was on my way to the final weekend of my MLD course. Anyway life carried on and I did get a few clients and muddled through. I started working as a

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