New Start new routine!

September is for some the start of a new year (sort of).  The kids going back to school, you see them all on social media with the obligatory photo for the first day standing in front of the front door.  Did you do that as a child?  I certainly didn’t it was not a thing when I was a child and thinking back it would have been nice to have a record of each year and how my sister and I changed over the years.

I have also found that even if you don’t have children yet, you still have that mentality from being at school that September is still a new start, a new beginning.  Do you remember that feeling of everything being fresh from the uniform to the blank pages of the new notebooks?  I did and still do love my stationery.

So, back to school or back to routine whichever it is. What is it that you want to make a routine in your life?  I would love to hear from you I have left the comments open on this blog so that you can leave your comments.  If you would like to leave me a message privately then is the place to do it.

This is my story of how Reflexology all started for me.  I was OMG probably about 24 when I forayed into the world of adult education.  My first course at this fantastic institute was flower arranging the next year was Spanish.  The following year after Spanish, I decided to start with an aromatherapy massage class (just 10 weeks) and it was there that I made some good friends (still am today).  After the class, we would descend on the pub for a quick drink.  I was living my best life. 

Then one of my friends mentioned that the next term she was going to try Reflexology and my other friend and myself said “that sounds interesting we’re in!”  Well, that was it for me, the 2nd lesson in I was totally hooked and realised at this point that I wanted to train to get a qualification, I was taken aback at how quickly and effective the treatments were.  We had only by this point covered a few bits but it really did make a difference to my body.  As I said that was it, I found a course and spent the rest of the year learning all that I needed to know to pass and become a qualified Reflexologist, of course at that stage had no idea where it would lead me. 

My other two friends also enjoyed the class but went in slightly different directions one became a First Aid trainer and the other went on to train in Feng Sui and Gentle Bone Alignment.  So, you see this 10-week adult education course actually had a very profound effect on the rest of our lives.

Now having worked and trained in this field for nearly 30 years I wanted to give others the possibility of having the same experience.  I have created a Reflexology Training Course just like you would get at night school but you can do it in the comfort of your own home and starting on the 7th September for 3 months you will have access to ask questions face to face on video calls.  The course you sign up to do is available to you for 6 months so you can re-watch as many times as you need.  This is all available to you for just £97. 

Waiting List is still Open until 6th September 2022 – Waiting List

If this is something that you would like to consider why not sign up for my waiting list it’s not too late the closing date for this intake is the evening of the 6th September 2022, numbers are limited for this so don’t hesitate you never know where it will lead you.  Here is the link for the Waiting Lists

I will say that if you would like to start the course and learn independently you can do that too.  I am also available on the learning platform that is available on the course to answer any questions that you have.  The link for that is

If you have any questions about this or would like to discuss anything please contact me at or

I look forward to hearing from you

I love the chance of changing people’s lives be it starting a family or learning a new skill.

I do hope that you will join me on at least one of them.

On the journey to achievement, you must be learning all the time!

Author: John Patrick Hickey