Is taking a rest giving up?

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I have not posted or done my usual monthly blog for January.  WHY have I not done this you ask!

Firstly, I thought many people have and see so many things at the beginning of January that they may be overwhelmed and not read them anyway. 

Also, I was giving myself a perfect break from thinking about work well trying, and actually, some of it was I just could not be bothered.  As a self-employed person, we actually don’t switch off ever! It really is 24/7.

So asking the above question to myself, I was thinking about it in the bath, yes we really don’t stop working (in our head anyway)!

This question can be put to many a situation.

I used the question over the Christmas period and did little with my business and even took a holiday the first week of January to see a friend in Madeira.  It was a total wind down and recharge, so much and gratefully needed.

I have also used this question with regard to my fertility journey it may even be a question you are thinking about now or in the past. 

I did take a break from the IVF I was doing a few years ago, but I clearly remember feeling exhausted and emotionally drained.  So the break allowed me to recharge and get the motivation and energy back to continue my journey, as you are probably aware it really is a journey of mega magnitude.

It was also a question that was huge when I decided to finally stop IVF.  I wonder if you have got to the stage where you just knew that enough was/is enough!  I did I had done 6 IVFs over a period of 2 years.  I just knew that I was done with the IVF.  But did that mean I was giving up having a family absolutely not!

I knew that there was another way and I found it in pursuing adoption.  Which was also a long journey and did result in me adopting my son. Read my previous blogs to find out about that journey.

So yes, go ahead and ask yourself the question am I giving up but adding the words “on this journey path and ready to join another path to get to my goal, or am I just taking a rest and recharging all the batteries to continue?

“When things are not happening as planned just stop worrying and take an unplanned break to regain yourself.”

― Giridhar Alwar, My Quest For Happy Life