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My story is key in point why because I developed PCOS and I can tell you the exact month that it happened.  It was September 1995 when I was told at work that I was being made redundant.  From that month onwards my period remained normal but my face decided to erupt in the most painful boils that just kept coming.  I was already qualified as a reflexologist in 1994 but was not having regular treatments! 

The only time the symptoms eased was when I had a holiday from work, but going back it all erupted again.  As you can imagine if you are a sufferer was getting me down.  My boyfriend at the time kept saying to put more makeup on which of course did nothing it did, of course, blocked my pores even more.

Have you ever realised that our body actually shows us our stresses even if we don’t actually feel it mentally (that’s me)?

I ditched the boyfriend in 1997 and tried to find out more about what was going on I was at this point doing a qualification in nutrition because I thought that would help me understand.

As you heard at the beginning of this story stress got me into the situation and another shock/stress got me out of it but not until November 2003.  Bizarre I know but, I will not go into the details the emotional shock that I experienced seemed to clear my skin and on having scans for IVF treatments in 2005 this was confirmed, no more PCOS!

How can this be possible there are I think a few reasons;

  • Shock has a huge effect on the body which was my first thought on why it started and cleared.
  • I was teaching Reflexology 3 times a week and was extremely lucky to receive regular treatments from my students who want to practice on me.
  • I also fell pregnant and suffered a missed miscarriage which ended in having an ERPC, I don’t know, did this have some positive effect on me and the PCOS!

I now recommend to ladies who have PCOS don’t believe that you are not going to have a baby, yes it may be that it takes a little longer but it is certainly possible in my opinion.

What to do if you suspect you have PCOS.

Firstly, work out what symptoms you are experiencing, you don’t have to have all of them!

Excess Weight
Struggle to drop weight
Hirsutism – Excess hair on your body
Irregular Periods
Struggling to fall pregnant
Sleep problems

Then speak to your GP they can arrange a scan to get a definitive answer.

What else can you do to help PCOS.

  • One of the things that helped my symptoms was some Manual Lymphatic Draining.  This had an incredible effect on balancing the hormones for some time and my acne breakouts diminished.
  • Of course, it goes almost without saying that eating a balanced diet of whole grains and vegetables and good quality protein will help you.  Ideally, a more plant-based regime will encourage lower oestrogen levels and promote healthier gut bacteria. Also important here is that it can go some way to balancing insulin levels which is linked to PCOS.
  • Self-care should be one of the main things too that you look at it may look like a yoga session, Tai Chi, some meditation, or even a bath with candles and some nice bubble bath, even cooking, gardening, etc.  Find something that you enjoy and truly enjoy it.
  • As mentioned earlier have a look and try some Reflexology it is great all-round and helps the body to balance naturally.  I love it I would not be able to do my job if I did not love it myself.    (if you are not local to me then take a look at the AOR (Association of Reflexologists) and search for a Reflexologist near you – https://www.aor.org.uk/custom/far-search/

Be strong, things will get better. It might be stormy now, but rain doesn’t last forever.  Unknown