The Millienium

Footprint in the Sand

New house and new career

The year did not start off particularly well as my step father passed away on my Birthday as I was on my way to the final weekend of my MLD course.

Anyway life carried on and I did get a few clients and muddled through. I started working as a Tutor at our local college for a few nights a week. I was teaching Reflexology which was great fun and to this day I am still friends and in contact with a few of my students. It was here that I feel that my PCOS finally got its marching orders. My students were all wonderful and wanting feedback from me they gave me treatments on a regular basis. How could I say NO!!

Now 2003 and started a new teaching year in the September my mum had been deteriorating for a period of time. She passed away in November of that year! So now I had time and a little money to really get going with my business. In fact my first purchase when the paperwork was sorted was a new new car! Nice one Bluewater – yes they had a stand there and I sat in this Toyota Celica and fell in love with it!!!! but, always had to be a but, I had been seeing a man for a little while and 3 weeks after getting my lovely new car I found out that I was pregnant. If you have ever seen a Toyota Celica you will know that it is very low to the ground (my thought was how long before I would not be able to get in it?).

Celeica Sports Car in SIlver

Unfortunately I did not have to worry on telling the so called boyfriend I was pregnant – I became single!! and again unfortunately at the 3 month scan was told that I had a missed miscarriage. I was promptly booked into the local hospital to have a little op. But, you know those silver linings, whilst I was in the hospital and talking to my sister who I am very close to, I realised that having a baby was actually what I wanted.

I came out of the hospital on the Sunday afternoon and started looking for fertility clinics for me to go to for some IVF. I realised that I now had some funds from my darling mum and I did not want to get to 50 (by now I was already nearly 40) and wonder what if!!!

This was the start of yet another amazing journey which will be continued………