What is Reflexology?

Have you heard of this ancient therapy before, have you even tried it?

Reflexology is a treatment that works on and through the feet and is now becoming more recognised by medical professionals as a way of helping the body re-balance itself. 

Reflexology uses the principle that different areas of the feet relate to different areas and organs within the body and by stimulating these areas through gentle pressure, it brings about your body’s own healing effect, bringing it back into balance. Our bodies naturally want to be balanced and use a state of homeostasis – the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium, especially as maintained by physiological processes. In Greek where the word means ‘staying the same’, and involves the balance and consistency of certain conditions. An example is the control of body temperature by thermoregulation in warm-blooded animals like humans. 
Today where we are subjected to technology, processed foods, pesticides, stress from various sources – life, loves, and work, which may have a detrimental effect on how we cope and how our bodies respond over a period of time. The easiest example is that of overloading our body with sugar and it’s the pancreas that produces hormones that helps to regulate how our body uses the sugar, over time it can’t keep up so just gives up! Creating the disease of diabetes.

Reflexology is a useful tool for anybody to help bring the body back to its natural balance, it has a triple action effect working on the mind, body, and spirit!!!

When I am working with clients for fertility, I look at more specific, areas that may need attention more than likely the mind and the hormones.  

So keeping your body well balanced is essential but may need just a little help now and again.
Clients often come to me with a specific problem and we work on a weekly basis to bring about the balance they are looking for. Then go on to keep the treatments going every 6 weeks as Reflexology is also wonderful as a preventative treatment. Others may come for monthly sessions again to give themselves a reset!
Fertility clients are just a little different in that we will work on a weekly basis until a positive pregnancy is achieved or we have a great balance in hormones as indicated with more regular cycles. We then proceed to monthly treatments that help the mum-to-be and baby to adjust to the changes occurring in the body. This very nicely culminates with the labour that the mum-to-be wants. This is backed up by research that having 9+ treatments reduce C-sections from the national average of 21.3% to 9.4% and may even increase natural births from the national average of 79% to 90.6% this is from research completed in 2001 covering a 4 year period.
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