Where to Start your Fertility Journey!

Where to Start your Fertility Journey!  

Where do we actually start, I am sure that most of us dream from an early age that we want to have a family? Personally, I stated when I was younger that I wanted a family and to be married by the age of 26 years old. Well, that did not happen a life, a career, having fun in my 20’s was my key focus back then!

What was your dream for your life as a teenager? Did you want many children or just one? Were you going to be happily married or going it alone?

When we are older the whole baby thing does start depending on who we are with as a partner, do you have those conversations of course you do! I would suspect that a conversation is had well before marriage occurs or if you decide not to get married then when you think starting a family would be a good idea. Being on the same page is fundamental. For those in same sex partnerships the conversations are still the same, just the method of achieving is different!

So, what happens next is that you start getting to grips with the process of getting pregnant, you are taught a little at school, but do you really know how it all works.

We are told that our periods are cyclical and occur once a month, False! 

They are actually around every 28 days the same as the moon cycle! So, if you are starting your period on 15th March for example you will not start on the 15th April, it is 28 days from day 1 and day 1 is then measured as the first full day of a period. “Did you know that most women start their periods about 3am-4am.”
There are some women who have periods less regularly and this does not stop them becoming pregnant it is just a little more difficult to ascertain when ovulation may be occurring.   

Reflexology has been known to help clients regulate their periods so that they do occur on the 4 week (28 day) cycle. Periods are often for about 7 days, True and False as individuals we are all different.

Our ovulation time, the time that we are told is 14 days prior to the first day of a period, well that’s what I was told. False! Actually, ovulation can occur from anywhere from Day 7 to Day 16 or beyond depending on the length of a woman’s cycle. There is a surge in the LH (Luteinising Hormone) that occurs and lasts for about 36 hours this is the time that egg fertilisation may occur. It really is a miracle!
My questions to you right now are:

Have you had THE Conversation? 

Do you know your cycle?

Do you know when you are likely to ovulate?
Get a diary and start to monitor everything!  Over the next week on my Facebook page @solefertility  I will give you more information on these questions!!