As I start writing this I thought ‘this is going to be an easy task’ but as I start really thinking about the subject of affirmations, it is so mind-boggling that it is almost impossible to convey everything about why using affirmations can be of benefit to us.

Affirmations have been used for many many years by those in the know! We often affirm to others that they look beautiful and that you love the clothes they have or are wearing. But how often do we do this for ourselves, possibly not very often? So, I feel that affirmations today are that important, what we say to ourselves to improve our lives is the way forward.

Affirmations today are really a bit of buzzword and is a huge subject which basically comes down to the language that we use on ourselves and others.

Have you ever been told as a child don’t be stupid, multiple times? Think about things now do you feel that you are stupid sometimes? This is because your parents or teacher or whoever was instilling what they thought, harmless words, were in fact conditioning us to believe!

What we also say to ourselves, even if it is not true, is key, our brains and our unconscious will belief what we tell it, our unconscious cannot actually distinguish between reality and fiction. We can, therefore, manipulate or if you like condition our unconscious by telling our body something is actually true, just by thinking and using our affirmations!

Using affirmations can even help our physical and emotional state to change, at any time! We can use these words or affirmations to change how we feel about a situation or even a person. 
Affirmations are actually about us all the time too without us thinking it is an affirmation. How many times have you actually praised somebody and told them how good they are or that you love what they are wearing that is an affirmation for them?

The question then is why do we find it hard to affirm and praise ourselves? 
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