Never Give Up – A Story of Persistence

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Have you got to the stage in your fertility journey where it is just getting too much, emotionally or physically, its taking its toll on your body and perhaps even your relationship.

Well the story I am about to tell you will give you hope!

A beautiful lady that I have been working with who is in early 40’s. Having already got a little girl of two she wanted to complete her family with another child. So going down the IVF route she had several attempts whilst having reflexology and acupuncture. After several IVF cycles which finally resulted in a positive pregnancy, she was over the moon as you would expect. Unfortunately, this ended abruptly at around 7 weeks. This lady was so determined to have another child she then pursued having an egg donor because of her age.

It is well documented that the older we get the less eggs we produce and the quality also affected. In fact, after the age of 35 we reduce our chances by 70%.

So the next part of her journey was to wait for her next period. She did have a little break to get her mind and body back to a positive place as miscarrying is very traumatic, she also had regular reflexology with me during this time to help. So whilst this was happening she went on holiday. On returning from holiday she booked a treatment with me and told me that she was 5 weeks pregnant and it was a natural conception and not the IVF she was planning. How did this happen? Well she was relaxed that’s how, this unfortunately and a few other attempts resulted in early miscarriages.

The beginning of the year saw her attempt the first Egg donation which did not prove positive and she motored on with Egg donation No. 2. This resulted in a positive pregnancy and I can confirm that she is now at about 13 weeks with a beautiful bump growing and the last part of this has been even more traumatic as we are all in lock-down with a deadly virus affecting the world.

The moral of this story is never give up because there is always hope and a positive. When you sometimes let go of how it may happen it often then does in a way that you had not considered. Using other means of having a child is always there, even adopting.

It has been very common that those going through the Adoption process, often announce that they are pregnant after a short time because again the body has relaxed and the pressure is off!


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