Common Winter Problems and how to help yourself!

Common Winter problems and how to help yourself!

We are coming to a season of the year notorious for various problems well issues not really problems.  I am going to give you some useful tips that are effective and inexpensive solutions that you can try.

COLDS  –  Vitamin C has always been the cold’s best remedy. For me, I use good old Ribena in a hot drink.  You could also include your own sprouted beans as their vitamin C levels are increased up to 24 times.   Useful to also allow your body to work through the cold, if you suppress it with remedies, it can potentially come out again sooner rather than later.  Listen to your body and if you are able allow it to happen.

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SORE THROATS – I swear by a concoction of 1 tsp each of Honey, Lemon, and Apple Cider Vinegar – Then top up with hot water in a mug and sip slowly.  It works wonders every time for me.  #acv #sorethroat

COLD FEET – Keep them warm obviously but if your feet are already cold don’t just put on socks and slippers they need to be warmed up first otherwise they just stay cold.  Using pure wool socks or slippers is wonderful as the natural fiber keeps you warm and did you know that wool slippers stop your feet from smelling as they don’t make your feet sweat.  Here is a link for the boot slippers that I have and as they are a boot, they keep the drafts from your ankles too!!

DRY SKIN – As soon as we put the heating on our skin starts to suffer.  The first thing we need to do is keep the moisture levels up and the easiest and cheapest way is an old-fashioned way and that is to put a bowl of water under each radiator.

Also, to help your skin I would also look at a good hydrating serum and as a Tropic Ambassador, I would recommend our Rainforest Dew and is clinically proven to increase moisture levels by 46% over a 7-day period.  Alongside this, I love using the Deep Hydration mask as a mask and also as an overnight treatment to really make a difference.

For the body, I would highly recommend Body Smooth and the Whipped Body Velvet.

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Drinking water of course does become more difficult as the weather cools (or is that just me) So why not flavour with some lemon/lime or even cucumber to make it a bit more interesting.  Of course, hot water is also great too and also keeps us warm and hydrated a double whammy.

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KEEPING WARM – With energy costs rising actually turning the heating up is a little scary.  Read on to the bottom there will be something useful for everyone.

Here are 5 tips for you

  1. Layers of clothing are key – each layer traps air between the fabric keeping us warm.
  2. Blankets are not just beautiful soft furnishings to add to any room they are also very useful.  I love making my blankets and it is a great way to use up old clothes or scraps of fabric or even learning a new skill in knitting or crocheting.
  3. Shawls are a bit old fashioned but OMG sitting in bed reading with a shawl is just wonderful I don’t get too hot and my shoulders are kept warm.  I have one on my headboard and it looks like angel wings. The other one I have made doubles as a neck scarf too.
  4. Snuggling up with a loved one (a no brainer) or even a pet if you are lucky enough to have one. I have a lovely cat that sits on my lap and keeps me warm.
  5. Rice bags are cheap and useful to heat in the microwave and place on your body where you want to keep warm..  Easily made or let me know how many you need and I can make them £8 each.  For those that sew here are the instructions of how to make one.

Cut two pieces of fabric approx. 24” x 6.5” – Place fabric right sides together and sew around one short edge and two long edges, starting at one long edge

Now fill with a cup of cheap value rice and then sew a seam about 6” from the end, repeat 3 more times finally sew the last seam together.  This is your new heated pad.

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Now for the bonus useful information:  It’s more about how I can help you really.  So would you object to seeing how you can save time and money on those boring bills guaranteed! there really is an easy way. to do this.  I am here to help you so get in touch and book a time for us to chat. Beat all those price hikes and ensure that you are with the right company! Message me on 07961306349.  I look forward to helping you.

“The end of the summer is not the end of the world. Here`s to October…” – A.A. Milne