What to Expect with Reflexology

What is Reflexology really like?

Some people often will avoid having Reflexology because they find or think that they are ticklish, but they often find if they can get past this initial thought that the treatment is not at all ticklish but a positive movement over the feet, which they then find to be most relaxing.

What to expect during the first treatment

At the beginning of the first treatment a detailed history is taken, please don’t worry if you forget something everybody does!  You will be guided with questions.

I will also ask you about your journey (yes that word, sorry) so far, what you have experienced and how you see things moving forward.  I will also ask some very specific questions regarding yourself.  Again, please don’t worry they are to help me to give you the treatment specific to your needs.

The treatment explanation is given.  I will tell you that the procedure is a gentle pressure over the feet and in some areas, it may be a little painful (we often say a sweet pain), it may feel a little bruised.  We mark these areas on a chart and discuss them after the treatment has finished, they may represent areas of imbalance or areas mentioned in the medical history.

The treatment would continue making sure you are comfortable in fact every client I have seen will report that they feel really relaxed and walking on air after each session.

At the end of each session, I will go over the areas that I found to be perhaps out of balance, these may be on a physical level, metaphysical level, or spiritual level.  We will discuss all of this so that you know where you are and perhaps help you move forward. 

We book the next week’s session and you go on your merry way to enjoy your week ahead!

Have you tried Reflexology for any reason?

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Reflexology is unique for every person, because every person is unique and Reflexoloy is unique.