Fertility and You!

I have for many years now been working with clients who have been struggling to conceive!  Is that perhaps you or someone that you know?

I have a multi-pronged approach, of course I use my years of reflexology experience to get the body working more effectively using Reflexology. I also use the Tropic products with clients I will explain why in a bit. But I also look at another area that is more unique and I like to call it Fertility and You!

Firstly, if you have been following me for a while you will know that I have been practicing Reflexology for over 27 years and have helped many people with different problems.  It was only in the past 13 years that I really focused on Fertility and hormones because of my own journey with fertility and trying to have a baby, and when I looked back I had already helped many couples conceive.  You can check out my previous blogs that give all this if you would like a little read!

As a nutritionist I was fully aware and I give some nutritional advice to my clients (FREE download on my website www.solefertiliy.com).

Second area to look at came when I started working with a company that produced 100% natural skincare and I started to learn that there are other areas that we can control!  What we put onto our skin!  Did you know that anything that goes onto our skin is in our bloodstream within 30 seconds and did you also know that some of these products are not particularly goods for us?  If you like your Apps try ThinkDirty it is an independent company that looks at all these products.  The company I work with is TROPIC and here is a quick screen shot of what our products are rated as. 


This information can be very powerful to reduce the toxic load of our body which then has a knock-on effect to our hormones which is where we need to concentrate our energies.  Why do we need to do this? well because hormones are the key things that help us to get pregnant, support and even start the process of giving birth.  So, lets get these balanced as soon as we can!

Final area that I work with is YOU.  Perhaps you are experiencing being stuck and nothing working, we need to look deeper and that is something that we can do together with all the above approaches too.  But for now, if you keep getting the same result change just one thing and then everything else will also change.

Want to have a look please checkout my shop at: www.tropicskincare.com/jenniferconnelly

What is it that you will change today?