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New Start new routine!

September is for some the start of a new year (sort of).  The kids going back to school, you see them all on social media with the obligatory photo for the first day standing in front of the front door.  Did you do that as a child?  I certainly didn’t it was not a thing …

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Feeling Fabulous in the Sun!

Next in the series of hormones that affect us! Why is it that the sun really does have a positive effect on us?  Now we are in August the sunshine and holiday month let’s take a look at this. Have you noticed that being in the sunlight naturally makes us feel great?  Well, there is …

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When is it a good time to begin getting your body ready for starting a family?

I am asking this question now as I have had several clients contact me asking exactly this wanting to make sure that they are stress-free and balanced before they are even ready to start that journey to starting a family.  They wanted to make sure that they were in the best possible place beforehand.  I …

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April – Happy Easter

April is the month when we are celebrating Easter.  What does Easter really mean to us? Some use it as a time to connect with family and enjoy copious amounts of chocolate.  While others perhaps use it as a time of reflection. Easter in the church is all about new life and the resurrection of …

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Welcome to March

This month will see a lot of families celebrating motherhood with Mothering Sunday on the 27th March.  Of course, you are thankful and love your own mum BUT, that huge but is still hanging in the air with the question when will I have a child to celebrate me actually being a mum? Is this …

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Chinese New Year

Today the 1st of February which this year is Chinese New Year we are entering the Year of the Tiger. As a lover of cats, the tiger is an animal that symbolizes strength, power, and prosperity in the Chinese zodiac 2022, as the year of the Tiger, is a good year to give birth to …

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My Journey Part 3

Fertility 101 The Fertility Cycle After learning so much about my body and how it works through my reflexology training and my nutrition training I was well on my way, as I thought, to getting the family I was now longing for. How little did I know!! Of course like all of us I had …

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The Millienium

New house and new career The year did not start off particularly well as my step father passed away on my Birthday as I was on my way to the final weekend of my MLD course. Anyway life carried on and I did get a few clients and muddled through. I started working as a …

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My First Blog Post

My Journey – Part 1 So why Fertility I hear you ask? Good question I say! Well it all started many years ago (I hope that you have a cuppa ready)…… I enjoyed working with clients when I first qualified as a Reflexologist many years ago, back in the good old days of 1994. I …

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